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Breakfast nook. Dining nook.

There's few things that are more cozy than a breakfast nook. The sense of intimacy, the informal ambience, it's no wonder this design is such a popular addition to your home! Owing to their traditionally smaller size, the layout possibilities offer more flexibility. Be sure to think about bench storage within your nook as well. We can be very creative! Whether your space would include a dining nook in another room, or a snug little space next to the coffee machine, Crown Point can create the ideal cabinetry for your breakfast nook design!

Designing a breakfast nook

If you are contemplating an available space for your breakfast or dining nook, but aren't sure about making it fit, here are a few general guidelines:

Once again, those above are general guidelines. Crown Point can custom make your breakfast nook to fit your space and budget! Questions? Contact one of our designers today!

More choices in custom cabinetry

We also offer cabinets custom designed for your home office, or built-ins that can take advantage of that "free" space in a wall, and special pantry designs. And of course, custom kitchens!

Contact us today to discuss your cabinetry needs!

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